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The Thriving Colorado Dashboard is a statewide community health data dashboard. This dashboard will allow Colorado to adopt one common tool to align efforts and strategies with agencies and organizations across the state. Using the Thriving Colorado Dashboard will support collective impact efforts toward our shared goal of making Colorado the healthiest state in the nation.

The five conditions of collective impact include: 



The benefits of using the Thriving Colorado Dashboard include the following: 



There are 2 main components of the Thriving Colorado Dashboard: 



Strategy Map is a plan for how a community or organization will achieve a shared goal. Strategy maps can be collaboratively developed for the major goal areas, and can help to align the efforts and strategies of many partners.

  • On the bottom of each strategy map, community assets are listed – these are the stakeholders and resources that are in place to help reach a shared goal.
  • In the middle of the strategy map are the strategies used to reach a goal, and at the top are the measurable outcomes. 







Scorecards are an easy way to organize and display strategic and performance information for a strategy, organization, or program. A scorecard includes strategies, objectives, and measure at-a glance format. Scorecards can be used to monitor, track, and report progress on goals and measures.











We are offering a Standard Dashboard package to agencies and organizations in Colorado. If your organization is interested, please contact:

Noah Chornyak
Community Impact Coordinator