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This website is for the Thriving Colorado Dashboard and the entire community including the general public. The purpose of this website is to facilitate the collective impact process, serve as a communication tool, and catalyze changes that will make Colorado the healthiest state in the nation.

To find out more, please contact Noah Chornyak, Community Impact Coordinator, North Colorado Health Alliance, at OR Carlee Rosen, Director of Community Health Development, North Colorado Health Alliance, at

Each action-focused strategy map describes a concise, systematic way in which a community is working on critical issues. Each strategy map also briefly describes the outcome(s) at the top and the community’s assets and drivers of change at the bottom. They are developed through a process of ongoing dialogue, assessment of needs and resources, and review of the best and most promising strategies as determined by local experts.

A scorecard is a collection of several population and performance measures for a focus area, program, or agency. Each scorecard consists of objectives and measures.

Objectives (seen with targets in the blue squares in scorecards) describe the desired change often using a “from-to” description of change. There are outcome and process objectives.

Measures (seen with yellow squares in scorecards) are used to monitor progress toward achieving an objective. Measures show trends, targets, and current data values with color bands from red to yellow to green, giving a quick summary of the magnitude and direction of change for that measure. Each measure is clickable, providing more detailed information about the measure.

The data can come from a number of sources which include:

  • Partner agencies
  • Organization programs
  • State data sources
  • National data sources
  • State or local health departments
  • Heath alliances

Each Thriving Colorado partner maintains their own scorecards and thus collects and publishes the data for their dashboard initiatives. Data may be updated weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually. Focus area data is updated as soon as new data is available on the overall measure.

Data compiled for Thriving Colorado is public information and may be reproduced for free with the appropriate citation, along with our URL –

The standard dashboard package starts at $5,000 and comes with 1 license, up to 5 scorecards, 4 hours of training, 15 hours of support, 2 strategy maps, and access to edit scorecards and data. Contact Noah Chornyak (, Community Impact Coordinator, North Colorado Health Alliance to get started.